Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Focus on the solution and the problem will solve itself

Focus on the solution and the problem will solve itself.

If you know me well, you know that one of my biggest challenge is to stay positive. While negativity never show up on a statement, it always have something to do with the results. 
If you believe that you will get sick, you have a better chance of getting sick. 
If you believe you will get in a car wreck, you’d better call the body shop because you’ll soon have to get your car repaired.
The positive attitude you need to succeed is not on CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS or any of the other cable or radio channels or any newspaper.
In fact, the media that depends on bad news for their revenue are even starting to become concerned about losing viewers due to the vast amount of negativity that they regurgitate in such phenomenal proportions.
I suggest that you start following programs designed to shift your attention to the positive and solution oriented. If you want positive results, you must send all the energy you have to the right place.
You also have to be careful with you surrounding. Telling someone to just be positive in an environment that is very negative is like telling someone who is swimming in the ocean not to get wet.
Your friends, coworkers and family members unintentionally but freely contribute negativity to your life each day. Watch out for those type of inputs that enter your mindset and filter them out to replace them to positive data.

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